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FT-06: Sanqing Shan and Wuyi Shan, A Gathering Area of Eastern Asian – North American disjunction genera; Jiangxi, Fujian

Date: July 30-August 03, 2017
Number of passengers: 10-60
Price: ¥4,980

Difficulty degree: ★★

Wen-Bo LIAO [email protected]
Wen CHEN [email protected]


This trip covers Wuyi Shan in Fujian Province and Sanqing Shan in Jiangxi Province. Wuyi Shan is a World Natural and Cultural Heritage site. Sanqing Shan is a World Natural Heritage site and hosts many eastern Asian – North American disjunction genera. Both areas have the best subtropical forests in China and are outstanding tertiary refugia. We will arrive at the first station Wuyi Shan from Shenzhen by air. On the first day, we will take a boat or raft to browse the outstanding landscape of Jiuquxi, and then visit the old ruins of Wuyi Palace. On the second day we will visit Wuyi Shan Nature Reserve to explore the typical subtropical evergreen broadleaved forests of eastern Asia. On the third morning we will go to Sanqing Shan to observe the scenery at Nanqingyuan and the majestic ‘Python’, a huge granite stalagmite 128 m tall. On the fourth Day, we walk along the high altitude walkway, a biodiversity passageway, to explore typical evergreen coniferous and broadleaved mixed forest and eastern Asian and North American disjunction genera. After two nights in Sanqing Village Hotel, we will visit the last station by bus on the fifth day to see the beautiful Hui-style architecture in Wuyuan Xian.

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