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FT-08: Shennongjia,Relict Flora in Central China; Hubei

Date: July 30-August 04, 2017
Number of passengers: 10-60
Price: ¥5,380

Difficulty degree: ★★★

Qiong LIANG [email protected]
Xiao-Dong LI [email protected]


This trip will explore the magnificent Three Gorges Dam and the mysteries of the mountains of Shennongjia. We start from Yichang and visit the world famous hydropower and water conservancy Three Gorges Dam, including the Dam Model Exhibition Room, the Memorial Garden of the closing of the Chang Jiang[1] (Yangtze River) to see details of the dam construction. On the second day we will visit the Qing Jiang valley to see the wonderful landscape and local traditional activities. We will tour Wuluozhongli Shan area, home of the Tujia minority nationality, by boat. On day three we will go to Shennongjia by bus, visiting Gaolan Wofo Shan, and the Xiangxi He[1] Valley on the way, and arrive at Muyu town for lunch. We will see the 1200 year old Keteleeria davidiana, the rare and threatened Trillium tschonoskii, Paris polyphylla, and some local buildings and enjoy local tea. On the fourth day we will explore the well-protected forest ecosystem in the Shennongjia Nature Reserve, which has rich biodiversity and unique mountain landscape. Finally, we will visit the distinctive and wonderful natural landscape of Dajiuhu National Wetland Park, then go to Yichang by bus and visit Three Gorges Falls on the way.

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