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FT-11: Temperate Forest Vegetation in Northeast China; Jilin, Heilongjiang

Date: July 30-August 05, 2017
Number of passengers: 10-60
Price: ¥7,280

Difficulty degree: ★★★★

Yan-Qing HUANG [email protected]


This trip explores the fantastic forests of northeastern China, an area with more than 39.6% forest coverage and encompassing the country’s most abundant forest resources. First, we will explore the Changbai Mountain forest ecosystem, the National Field Scientific Observation Station and the Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve. Changbai Mountains Nature Reserve, part of UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere Program, covers a total of 2000 square km. Then, we will go to Jingpo  Wetlands, one of the largest alpine lakes in China. It is famous for the underground forest(a forest near the crater which has the lowest elevation in this area), underground lava tunnel, geological wonders and the ruins of the Bohai Kingdom dating to the Tang Dynasty (618-907). The trip will end at Changchun.

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