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FT-17: Three Parallel Rivers Region, Hengduan Mountains; Yunnan

Date: July 30-August 07, 2017
Number of passengers: 8-45
Price: ¥13,180

Difficulty degree: ★★★★★

Ye FANG [email protected]


This trip will explore the Three Parallel Rivers region, which is one of the most beautiful places and a biodiversity hot spot in the alpine and subalpine zones above 3000 meters. It is the epitome of biodiversity and ecology in the Northern Hemisphere. Within less than 0.4% of China's land area are 10 vegetation types and 23 vegetation subtypes. More than 20% of the higher plants and more than 25% of all animal species in China live in this beautiful land. The flora is rich in herbaceous and woody plants and rare and endangered plants, Chinese endemics, and plants of medicinal interest, such as Taxus yunnanensis, Picea brachytyla and Pseudotsuga forrestii. Rhododendron,Primula, Gentiana, Meconopsis, Pedicularis, Saussurea, Arenaria, Cyperaceae and Salicaceae are particularly diverse in this area. The area was World Heritage listed by UNESCO on July 2, 2003. Since the middle of the 19th century, the three parallel rivers region has been a favorite for foreign biologists who carried out scientific surveys and biological studies. The three parallel rivers area is still a pure land of magical color in people’s mind.

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