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FT-22: Nu Jiang (Nu River = Salween River) Grand Valley and Southern Gaoligong Shan; Western Yunnan

Date: July 30-August 07, 2017
Number of passengers: 10-30
Price: ¥9,680

Difficulty degree: ★★★★★

Yong-Peng MA [email protected]


This trip explores the floras and landscapes in western Yunnan, mainly in the Gaoligong Mountains. We will travel from Kunming to Liuku (the capital of Nujiang) on the first day to visit the first station, Zhiben Shan, to observe typical plants and species with extremely small populations (PSESP) that were reintroduced there many years ago by conservation biologists from the Kunming Botanical Garden. On the second day, we will arrive at the second station, Pianma, along the Nu Jiang, a river port close to Myanmar. On the third day we will go to the third station, Tengchong, from Liuku, toward the south margin of Gaoligong Mountain. The next day in Tengchong we will visit the comfortable warm spring and then go to Tengchong National Geological Volcano Park. On the fifth day, we will explore the forests of Gaoligong Shan, with the destination of the trip being the King of Giant Rhododendrons (Rhododendron protistum var. giganteum), a critically endangered species endemic to GaoligongShan. On the sixth day, we will arrive at the old town of Dali for an afternoon visit. On the last day we will return to Kunming and visit the Kunming Botanical Garden in the afternoon.

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